Frequently Asked Questions

For speaking engagements, I am represented through Worldwide Speakers Group. Please contact Nanette Hinkle at (703) 373 9806 or [email protected] to book an event ... Read More
Yes, in 2008 I wanted to be the first person to film breeding elephant seals under water. This was in South Georgia, Antarctica. The males weigh between 7000-10000 lbs and can be 20 feet long. I just swam up to ... Read More
As honoured as I am that many people reach out for this, I already have a trusted team of skilled employees, both for my needs on assignment, but, SeaLegacy, the non-profit which I co-founded is frequently seeking interns. We maintain ... Read More
Once again, I use many brands and kinds of diving equipment, and they are dictated by each specific shoot. Waterpoof and Aqualung are two brands I use in general, but it all depends on where in the world I am ... Read More
For all of my photography needs, I use a wide array of Sony cameras and lenses. I shoot everything from the 12-24/f2.8 to the 200-600/f5.6-6.3, and of course, the 600/f4. For bodies, I like the α9 II for action shooting ... Read More
It can be a difficult and complicated journey to get to where I am. It’s important to be professional, patient, and persistent. You get out there and do it. All you need is a camera and work ethic…and time. Read ... Read More
I shoot with several different camera brands, models, and types. My general advice would be to invest more money in lenses compared to camera bodies. Camera equipment is obviously an important facet of photography, and I make sure to always ... Read More
Be patient. Spend time in the field and double the time you think it will take you. I try to make images, not take pictures, I do this by envisioning a shot, and planning for the light and action of ... Read More
I grew up on Baffin Island in an Inuit community and spent all of my time playing outside in the snow. It was during my childhood that I fell in love with the polar regions and I was determined to ... Read More
Photographs tell stories. I believe this is their most significant impact. Visual storytelling is a powerful tool, that gives a voice to those who can’t be heard. Photos capture iconic moments in time and allow people to bring back images ... Read More
If you’re asking this question, you’ve taken the first step. The first step is to care, and it seems to be the most difficult one. There are so many ways and small changes you can make in your life which ... Read More
Unfortunately, several of the world’s most prominent photographers have recently seen their names used in connection with fraudulent schemes utilizing fraudulent social media accounts, emails and more. While these scams can take many forms, often, the fraudster, operating the guise ... Read More


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