How can I get involved and help support marine conservation and protect our oceans?

If you’re asking this question, you’ve taken the first step. The first step is to care, and it seems to be the most difficult one. There are so many ways and small changes you can make in your life which can have an impact on how our environment is affected. Here are a few suggestions: reduce your consumption, refuse single-use plastic, read labels, buy local, don’t support fish farms, educate yourself on where your food is coming from. Another big thing you can do is show your support. You can do this through, donating to a reputable cause, supporting campaigns, and signing petitions. Become a member of the Tide, which is a part of SeaLegacy, the non-profit I co-founded, to keep updated on current issues and actions you can take to help. Even just talking about issues and sharing articles and links on social media with your friends and family can have a positive impact. This keeps the people around you informed on the issues may help them take the first step as well. So, get involved, and get talking, as your actions and voice can have a bigger impact than you think.