What kind of cameras do you use?

For all of my photography needs, I use a wide array of Sony cameras and lenses. I shoot everything from the 12-24/f2.8 to the 200-600/f5.6-6.3, and of course, the 600/f4. For bodies, I like the α9 II for action shooting and the α7R IV for fine art photography. We are excited to start using the new α7S III for low light video work. It’s the individual photographer’s vision and talent that makes a great photo. Lenses are more important than camera bodies, as the purity and clarity of the glass used in each lens will make a massive difference. Otherwise, it’s just a shutter and a sensor opening and closing at a prescribed duration. I do require very durable equipment, as the situations I work in are extreme, and that’s not hyperbole.