In the Shallows

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Fakarava, French Polynesia, 2023
Edition of 20: 24” × 42.5” (61 × 108 cm)
Edition of 10: 36” × 64” (91.4 × 162.6 cm)
Edition of 10: 50.5” x 90” (128.59 x 228.6 cm)
A reef shark glides over the shallow coral heads, creating rippling reflections in the mirror surface with its dorsal and tail. In the days leading up to the annual grouper spawning within the Fakarava atoll, my team and I explored the crystal clear waters, coral reefs, and sheltered lagoons. The time we spent immersed in the bustling marine ecosystems before the official start of the spawning reminded me of how beautifully balanced and detailed nature is – and yet how fragile it all is too.

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