Shimmering Sail

Yucatan, Mexico, 2008
Edition of 20: 24” x 36” (61 x 91.4 cm)
Edition of 15: 31” x 46.5” (78.7 x 118.1 cm)
Edition of 10: 40” x 60” (101.6 x 152.4 cm)
Edition of 7: 60” x 90” (152.4 × 228.6 cm)
Witnessing sailfish working together to corral and hunt “bait balls” of sardines, thousands strong, off of the Yucatan Peninsula was one of the most astonishing experiences of my career. As the fastest fish in the ocean, sailfish have the ability to fold their dorsal fins to increase speed and snap them open like a fan to frighten their quarry. Then they strike— streaming through the shallows in a flash of orange and iridescent blue, and slicing the ball into more manageable sizes. Calculating and intelligent, these athletes of the deep are more than deserving of our respect and compassion.

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