Sentient Connections

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Dominica, 2019
36 in x 24 in (91.4 x 61cm) Edition of 20
46.5 in x 31 in (118.1 x 78.7cm) Edition of 15
60 in x 40 in (152.4 x 101.6cm) Edition of 10
90 in × 60 in (228.6 x 152.4 cm) Edition of 7
A playful pair of sperm whales tangle in an underwater tango beneath the surface of Dominica’s Caribbean Sea. Unlike their mostly solitary male counterparts, female sperm whales form close-knit pods made up of aunts, mother, and their young calves. The pod acts as a united front against potential dangers, shielding vulnerable calves and smaller members from opportunistic predators like orcas. Their entire matriarchal structure is overseen by the lead female, who carries the responsibility of ushering her family through ancient waterways between their breeding and feeding grounds.

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