Feast from the Deep

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Dominica, 2019
36 in x 24 in (91.4 x 61cm) Edition of 20
46.5 in x 31 in (118.1 x 78.7cm) Edition of 15
60 in x 40 in (152.4 x 101.6cm) Edition of 10
90 in × 60 in (228.6 x 152.4 cm) Edition of 7
“Soursop,” a sperm whale matriarch and the mother of young Ariel, rests near the surface with a pair of tentacles draped delicately around her head, the remnants of her latest meal. Sperm whales are expert divers capable of reaching over a mile deep in search of squid while using echolocation to sound out their way through the pitch-black depths. By producing ear-splitting clicks over 200 decibels, they can detect their prey from vast distances and are even known to tangle with the famous colossal squid–an elusive animal to humans but an apparent staple in the diet of certain sperm whale populations.

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