Frozen Highway

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Qaanaaq, Greenland, 2015
24 × 36 in / 61 × 91.4 cm / Edition of 20
31 × 46.5 in / 78.7 × 118.1 cm / Edition of 15
40 × 60 in / 101.6 × 152.4 cm / Edition of 10
60 × 90 in / 152.4 × 228.6 cm / Edition of 7
An Inuit hunter controls his team of huskies during a run to the ice edge where he will hunt to feed his community. These hardworking dogs live to pull, so much so that mushers struggle to keep them from taking off with half-loaded sleds in tow. The relationship between our species is most important in the Arctic – an often misunderstood partnership that, when witnessed, inspires reverence.

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