Narwhal Nation

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Nunavut, Canada, 2006
24 in x 36 in (61 x 91.4 cm) Edition of 20
31 in x 46.5 in (78.7 x 118.1 cm) Edition of 15
40 in x 60 in (101.6 x 152.4 cm) Edition of 10
Sometimes called the unicorns of the sea, male narwhals are most recognizable by their tusks; a long canine tooth covered in thousands of nerve endings and pores that protrudes from the upper jaw. Many people assume they use these spiraled appendages to fight off rivals, but their sensitive structure hardly makes for an ideal weapon. While some confrontations can result in battles of clashing ivory, many are settled through a dance of intimidation. Much like the Arctic seascapes they roam, the true purpose of the narwhal’s unicorn horn remains out of reach, made all the more alluring by the enduring mystery. Part of the beauty of our ocean rests with the fact that we may never fully understand it or the secrets of its wild inhabitants.

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