Antarctic Veil

Ross Sea, Antarctica, 2017
24 × 36 in / 61 × 91.4 cm / Edition of 20
31 × 46.5 in / 78.7 × 118.1 cm / Edition of 15
40 × 60 in / 101.6 × 152.4 cm / Edition of 10
60 × 90 in / 152.4 × 228.6 cm / Edition of 7
On this night in Antarctica, we saw hundreds of whales diving deep beneath the surface to gorge on the region's foundation species: krill. Humpback populations have bounced back to historic numbers after successful efforts to ban whaling in recent decades. If we can stay focused, stay positive, and work harder than ever on behalf of all the species without a voice, there will be more wins ahead.

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